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Small Business Mobile LLC provides a robust and affordable Mobile App for small businesses that runs on the iOS and Android platforms, over 80% of the Smartphone market and growing.  We created a feature rich, menu driven approach that streamlines the design and production process allowing the customized Mobile App to be up and running much quicker without sacrificing any of the strength of the functionality.

Some of the features included are Social Media tie ins and extra social media searches, geo-location tools, one touch capabilities, niche content that informs and educates your customer, local content, interactive features, web content and all of your business information.

This feature & functionality rich combination drives the customer to use your App over and over leading to brand loyalty, viral conversations and more visits to your business.

Whether you are a tech expert or beginner your customized Mobile App from Small Business Mobile will position you where you need to be, with your customer – all the time.

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