Success Stories

Examples of Businesses Using Customized Mobile Apps

  • Restaurants use the mobile app to promote special offers through Push notifications, particularly for slow nights/periods and to announce a band or DJ.
  • Hair stylists offer notifications of new products, take appointments and connect with customers directly on the phone.
  • Oakley’s Sunglasses provides surfing reports. The purpose of the app is to generate name recognition for Oakley as well as associate the name with beaches, sun, surf – i.e., all of the places you will need their sunglasses.
  • A non-profit is using the app to inform their users of upcoming events including golf outings, dinners, 5k running events and silent auctions.  This is done through the push notifications, the event tab and is cross promoted by the photos and videos they have posted of prior events.
  • A winery is using the app to keep their customers informed about the different wines, new releases, wine tasting events, special deliveries and cross promoting their social media channels including twitter, Facebook and youtube.
  • A pizza restaurant is using the contact form feature for ordering and delivery.
  • A realty company in Boston realized it needed to cater to the next generation of homebuyers who are tech savvy, and who often prefer to do their own research before speaking with an agent. Now when potential homebuyers see one of the company’s properties for sale they contact them through the app.  They’re prompted to provide the property’s address, after which they receive the home’s MLS data via email almost immediately.
  • A fitness center is using the custom mobile app to provide fitness and exercise tips through there blog and twitter account that is pulled into the app.
  • A Midwestern realty firm that covers Minnesota,Wisconsin and the Dakotas utilizes a custom mobile app so that interested parties can search virtually all property listings in Minnesota and western Wisconsin and find open houses, foreclosures and short sales. They say they sell more homes than any other area broker.
  • A school is using the custom mobile app to provide their after school activity schedule and notifications about changes and updates.  In addition, it provides access to the rosters, schedules, stats, videos and photos of various teams.

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