Mobile Apps: Catch the Wave

What is the Mobile App Wave?

  • SMS is typically read by 97% of subscribers within an average of 15 minutes after receipt
  • While 65% of e-mail is spam, less than 10% of SMS (texting) is spam
  • Mobile¬†has a 97% open rate, as opposed to email which is typically 20% to 30%
  • Studies indicate that 84% of mobile subscribers are never more than 10 feet from their mobile device
  • Over 70% of those who connect to the Internet are using some kind of mobile enabled device (SRI Services)
  • Most people that perform local searches and access local related directories are using mobile devices
  • Smartphone sales have the strongest growth of mobile devices (Gartner)
  • 32% of customers that have signed up for text messages from a business visit the store after receiving a message (Placecast)
  • The majority of 25-34 and 18-24 year olds now own smartphones (64% and 53% respectively)


Why do I need an App for my Business?

  • Mobile Marketing is the most powerful media ever invented (The New York Times)
  • Reach customers where they are, on or near their phones
  • Your own App literally gives you the ability to have your business in your customers’ pockets and purses
  • No more searching on the Internet to find you
  • Mobile Apps are the new web sites, people are spending more time on their phones then they are on their computer


Do I really need it for my Business?

  • The real question is do you need sales. If you are in a business that doesn’t need sales from repeat customers, then no you probably can do without, for now
  • You have many advertising choices and for each one the same question is asked, did I get a return on investment for the money we spent on that advertisement. ¬†With a Mobile App the measurements are easy and trackable
  • In today’s tough economy you need the most effective tools for the money and the latest tools to build your brand, create customer loyalty and repeat business, the right mobile app does this for you

Benefits for Your Business

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